An interactive horror story set on a supernaturally ruined Victorian canal.

You've bought a narrowboat. You've hired a crew. Can you survive the myriad horrors of the fog-drenched Poulton waterway?

Play full-screen (little square button at bottom-right) for best results. If you reach an ending and you'd like to play again, please reload the page.

Made with inkle Studios' ink engine and Inky, and Ethan Thibault's ink-soaked.

Font used: Old Standard TT.

Cover image: Foggy Canal, Radcliffe by David Dixon.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorTom Sykes
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction


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I concur. This is my favourite piece of the comp. There are some bits and places to add further improvement, but it is a masterfully crafted interactive fiction as is.

I was struck that the game has some resources management. But they add a lot to the atmosphere and the universe.

The only recommendation I could give is to follow  the philosophy of Inkle Studios to provide at least three options in each choosing: The reasonable option, the mild one or the negative one, and the terrible idea :) XD (remember, the Jon Ingold conference at GDC) That is, I missed more options in some choosing, and that some of those options get funnier but potentially dangerous outcomes.


Also, the game needs autosave :)

Thanks for the kind comments, and the feedback! That's great advice about the three options :)

A wonderful, and wonderfully atmospheric text adventure. Thanks a ton!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

A short, sharp, beautifully written and structured piece of IF.  A real pleasure to play, thanks!

Wow, thanks so much!

Really enjoyed this, and worked fine on my Android phone. Let me know if you'd like player feedback.

Thanks! I'm glad it worked on your phone. Feedback would be great, thanks.