An interactive horror story set on a supernaturally ruined Victorian canal.

You've bought a narrowboat. You've hired a crew. Can you survive the myriad horrors of the fog-drenched Poulton waterway?

Play full-screen (little square button at bottom-right) for best results. The game might not work with Internet Explorer - sorry! If you reach an ending and you'd like to play again, please reload the page.

Made with inkle Studios' ink engine.

Cover image: Foggy Canal, Radcliffe by David Dixon.

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Published 29 days ago
AuthorTom Sykes
TagsHorror, Interactive Fiction


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A wonderful, and wonderfully atmospheric text adventure. Thanks a ton!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

A short, sharp, beautifully written and structured piece of IF.  A real pleasure to play, thanks!

Wow, thanks so much!

Really enjoyed this, and worked fine on my Android phone. Let me know if you'd like player feedback.

Thanks! I'm glad it worked on your phone. Feedback would be great, thanks.